Like explosions, lots of color and dubstep? Then this game is for you! Electroid is a fast-paced brick breaker game like you’ve never seen before. Forget old boring clones where the ball bounces around and nothing exciting happens for hours. Electroid is full of color, explosions, unpredictability and fun!Learn More >


Artilect is an addictive puzzle/strategy game with 60 different levels, ranging from Easy to Hard, that are sure to satisfy your desire for a new challenge. Using familiar swipe, tap and pinch gestures navigate your way to a target destination on each level by carefully selecting the path you take.Learn More >


NOT your typical “missile command” game. Made specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with a “pick up and play” attitude, this is an arcade shooter that is in a genre of its own. Tilt to aim, tap to shoot, unlock new enemies, guns and powerups every level, all the way to the final battle (where you get to really go nuts with the big guns).Learn More >