Good news, everyone! You can root your Parrot Asteroid Smart head unit. The entry that’s going to follow this one will describe how to install the Google Play store and spoof your device identity so you can download all of the apps available to most Android devices out there. But this post is just about rooting. Rooting is, arguably, the easy part. That’s because someone has already figured out a generic root tool for a whole number of devices, which includes the Smart. I take no credit for this work.


Rooting is the easy part of this process. The first thing you will need is to download a tool called Framaroot from here.

Once downloaded, you need to install the Framaroot APK on your device. I used the ADB utility:

./adb install /Users/Yuri\ A/Downloads/APK/Framaroot.apk

Once installed, run the utility and install SuperSU (you’ll have to select it from the drop down menu). It’s *IMPORTANT* that you use SuperSU and not something else:

Reboot the device. Check that you have the SuperSU application now on your device:

You’ll want to run it and ensure that root access is enabled:

Run the following command in on your computer:

./adb shell

You should see the “$” change to “#” in the shell, and on your device you should see a confirmation popup asking to grant superuser access to ADB:

That’s it, you have successfully rooted your Parrot Asteroid Smart! Easiest root ever. Thanks to the creator of Framaroot, of course! Stay tuned for the next blog entry describing how to get Google Play store installed and running so you can have full access to all the same apps other Android users enjoy.