Yuri Brigance

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My name is Yuri Brigance, and I’m the one man show behind what is known as Atomic Cactus. This website is both a front page for my iPhone apps as well as a repository of information about my personal projects, both software and hardware. It’s also a place where I can annoy the Internet with my blog postings.

I have a diverse set of hobbies, which range from shooting people up with an AK-47 lookalike paintball gun to beating your BMW M3 with a $500 turbo Saturn (don’t worry, that car has long exploded). iOS apps is another hobby of mine, and recently I started dabbling into Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other micro controller based projects. I strive to create only practical things. My hope is that, as I document these projects, other like-minded individuals will find them useful and interesting.


I’ve been programming for mobile devices since the age of 16, and have created a rather large number of mobile applications and REST-ful web services, both for fun and professionally. iOS and Java are by far my strongest points. Recently I have also been coming over to the Android side, mostly because I like to hack things (though I do use an iPhone, because things like that should just work). Server-side, Spring, JAX-RS and CXF are my golden hammers. And as of late I’ve been enjoying a job at Radius Inc where I get to work on IoT related things, which is a fascinating area to be in, especially given my automotive background. I don’t want to make this section a copy of my LinkedIn profile, as this is mostly a personal page, so that’s more or less it. If you’re curious, I do have a portfolio in PDF form available for download. Though I’m a senior server-side and mobile applications developer, my passions currently lie in Internet of Things and the complete hardware/software ecosystem.

Atomic Cactus

Atomic Cactus is a registered business based out of Bellevue, WA. This is the name under which I distribute my iOS apps. And that’s pretty much all there is to it. When you write to support@atomic-cactus.com to complain about one of my games, you’re writing directly to me.